Top 5 educational book picks for your child

Top 5 educational book picks for your child

Today, more than ever before, there is a tremendous range of books available! Both Indian and global content! Books for babies and toddlers like bedtime stories, touch and feel books, preschool curriculum-based books, books to learn about fun things like dinosaurs, interactive books, activity based Educational Smart books and lots more. Every book tries to develop skills that are essential for the emotional, mental and intellectual skill development in a child. Most of them are under the categories:

  1. Picture Story Books/Board Books
  2. Story Books
  3. Interactive Smart Books
  4. Rhymes and Poetry Books
  5. Educational Books

From among the vast range of books that are available, we have picked the top educational books for your 1+ year old children. These books are picked based on high customer satisfaction and ratings as of October 2022 on Firstcry. You will see the value these books bring into the lives of your child, only once they start to use them. The ratings are taken directly from the website which makes it not only reliable but also real time. Let’s move to the list and begin with the wonderful book journey of your precious little one!

 1. Babyboard Book Set by Babyhug Rating: 4.4 / Age group: 1 to 4 year olds

This is a set of 10 board books perfect for your babies and toddlers too! The board books include the alphabet, shapes & sizes, birds, colors, body parts, fruits and vegetables, vehicles, animals, numbers and first words! This could be the very first set of educational books you could purchase for your child.

2. Sank Magic Practice Copy Book by ADKD Rating: 4.1 / Age group: 3 to 5 year olds

Once your toddler starts preschool, you could purchase this set of reusable tracing books. These are wonderful for toddlers to do some tracing as they pick up their writing skills. The fun part is that your child can re-do the same books again and again as the tracing disappears in less than 30 minutes! That indirectly makes it more fun and helps them get lots of writing practice! The set includes alphabet tracing, number tracing, drawing and math concepts like addition and subtraction.

3. Little Librarian by Majestic Book Club Rating: 4.2 / Age group: 1 to 3 year olds

This is a set of 24 board books covering all the important topics that help prepare your child for school. The set includes topics like action words, things around me, toys, rhymes and more!

4. Story Books by Young Angels Publishing Rating 4.3 / Age group: 3 to 8 year olds

This is a set of 20 wonderfully illustrated story books that children would fall in love with. See them listen and enjoy stories like Cinderella, The Little Red Riding Hood, The Intelligent Lamb and many such fun stories!

5. SmartBook by Godiscover Interactions Rating: 4.8 / Age group: 2+ year olds

The goDiscover Smart Book kit is unique from the rest of the books in this list as this kit includes a talking Pen to learn from the 9-research based, interactive smart books that engages your child with or without your help! The re-recordable stickers are an added wonder for creating own content at home.

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