Teacher Guide - Interactive Learning Series for kids

Teacher Guidelines

What is it?

Teacher Guidelines is a quick reference manual for teachers or caregivers or parents to:

  • Understand and learn about our goDiscover Interactive product kit.
  • Learn about the content covered in the kit.
  • Learn about how it functions.
  • Understand the steps to follow to teach the content in the books.
  • Understand the learning gains of the product.

Why do you need it?

  • To help you supervise or teach your child and help them reach their full potential, we are providing you with simple, easy to follow teaching guidelines.
  • These guidelines help you navigate through the product in the right order and with ease.
  • It ensures your child does not miss out on any learning gains that the product aims to offer every child.

Why are our teacher guidelines excellent?

  • The teacher guidelines include a set of steps you must follow to teach every book in the kit.
  • It is written in crisp, simple, and easy to understand language.
  • It includes examples from the kit so it is very clear as to how the SmartPen is used to teach every book.
  • It explains the learning gains in detail so you are well aware of what you can expect your child to benefit from through our product kit.
  • It gives ideas about how you can enhance your child’s learning/knowledge through the use of our unique Interactive SmartPen’s ability to listen, record and play.
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