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Toddler Development

1. Interactive SmartPen Technology:

GoDiscover products use the most incredible child friendly technology in the form of an Interactive SmartPen! The unique features of this SmartPen include playing exciting educational and fun content in audio, songs, increase or decrease volume and the surprising record and play option! This gives the child the exciting opportunity to record and listen to themselves!

2. Interactive Learning:

Another captivating feature of our books for toddlers is that they have highly engaging and interactive in the way the audio and pictures that trigger the learning process. Learning is fun, attractive and age-appropriate in all our educational toys.

3. Multi-Sensory Learning:

Children learn best when they use more than one of their senses during the learning process. Therefore, our products give the child a multi sensorial experience where they use visual, kinesthetic and auditory senses. The child gets to see, hear, touch and do activities using the interactive SmartPen! This ensures the learning process is not mundane for children but a lot of fun and interesting too. GoDiscover’s interactive books for kids offer multi sensorial learning experience without the use of any kind of screen time.

4. Early Childhood Curriculum:

The educational content that is available in all our products is well researched and supports Early Learning curriculum framework set by the Government of India. The content is: age-appropriate, covers all basic conceptual understanding (alphabet, numbers, animals, birds, fruits, vegetables and more) alongside providing enriching audio and visual learning. Some of our products are specifically designed and created as preschool books.

5. Conceptual Learning:

GoDiscover products ensure that basic concepts are taught in a fun interactive manner. The visual images and talking audio/sounds interact and engage the child in a meaningful way making conceptual learning easy and understandable.

6. Cognitive Skill Development

According to Piaget’s stages of cognitive development, a child under the age of 2 years is in sensorimotor stage. This is when the child begins to think and explore his/her surroundings and tries to understand how things work. Our products stimulate the child’s cognitive development exponentially. It directs the child to: Investigate the different topics in the product. E.g., Animals, Birds.

Think and explore the content. E.g., Different sounds different animals make, their habitat etc.
The child understands and learns the concepts through visual and auditory learning. E.g., Child learns to identify animals, birds by listening and seeing the images and listening to the audio.
This is how our products are perfect for toddler development.

7. Language, Communication & Speech Development:

There is a tremendous scope for language development through our products as: The child has the opportunity to listen to loads of interactive educational content. The child listens to sentences with a wide range of vocabulary and pronunciation and learns through exposure to such audio.
The child can mimic or record whatever they listen to and improve their speech. The child learns to put the language into practice in real life day to day scenarios.

8. Creativity and Imagination:

Our educational books boost a child’s creativity and imagination in the right direction. The child listens to the enriching educational audio content that helps build their creativity and imaginative skills as well. The visual content is bright, colorful and attractive and triggers a child’s imagination even in the absence of audio.

9. Self/Independent Learning Skills:

Our products subtly encourage a child to learn independently under minimum supervision. It aids a child in self-directed learning where they pick a book of their choice, turn to any page they like and use the SmartPen to engage in an amazing interactive learning experience. Our books are learning and educational toys for children from 2 to 10 years of age.

10. Improves Fine Motor Skills, Focus, Concentration and Confidence

Toddler development involves development of a child’s fine motor skills, their focus/attention or concentration and their ability to be confident as well. A child gets to practice fine motor skills in a very special way through our products where they use their hands and fingers to turn the pages or point at pictures, use the SmartPen to hold it firmly, on and off the SmartPen button, adjust the volume and also use the SmartPen to tap on the pictures, to record and play back the audio as they wish. The child learns to focus on learning and increase their concentration level as they indulge in the interactive learning process. Over time, they learn several concepts that lead to increase in their confidence levels.

11. Reading/ Storytelling

Our educational products offer plenty of scope to learn storytelling skills through attractive pictures with rich audio content. Our product helps your child to: Read, listen and interpret the meaning of the pictorial representation and the audio content, make connections between concepts learnt and explain concepts in their own words using examples thereby putting their storytelling skills into practice. Children learn to read over repeated exposure to the same visuals and audio. We have specially developed audio story collection with amazing picture books for toddlers that make bedtime storytelling a thrilling experience.

12. Engaging Educational Audio, Pictures, Activities:

The audio content is extremely engaging with audio recorded by real people with realistic emotions, expressions and interactions. The visuals attract the child to know more about the concepts being taught. The activities are at the right level, age appropriate and give the opportunity to put the learning to practice in their daily life. With such unique educational toys, toddler learning is made truly enjoyable.

13. Preschool Learning Series:

Our products are super easy to use and convenient for anyone to wants their child to have a global learning experience at home! The preschool learning series covers the curriculum prescribed by the government of India but in an interactive series! These preschool educational book kits can be used by schools to teach children in their classrooms.

14. Homeschooling Guides to maximize learning outcomes:

All our preschool books can be used to teach by preschool teachers in a preschool setting or they can even be used by parents or caregivers at home. This is made simple and easy to use through our homeschooling guides. A step-by-step process is given in these guides that help teach effectively without any hassle! Just have a quick look at the homeschooling guide, pick a book and a SmartPen and have fun teaching!

15. Audio in British English and/or regional languages:

Some of our products are available in multiple regional (e.g., Hindi, Marathi) or international languages (e.g., British English, German, Spanish) too. This makes our products truly global where any child around the world can learn sitting in their homes!
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