Enhance Kids’ Learning Ability

A number of skills can be introduced to children at an early age such that they build a foundation for a stable and adapted adult in today’s world. But, at the time when you ARE raising your young child, the responsibility of it all can sometimes become overwhelming; the realisation that you are not just raising a child, but a friend, a co-worker and a responsible citizen can be daunting. In addition, whatever you do as a teacher influences her / him like nothing else will. Let’s make life easy for you. Here are two complex skills that will come in handy for the rest of your child’s life; these should be taught to your child as early as possible –


As the world has grown more interconnected and interdependent, the ability to exchange thoughts, feelings, and information is critical. Effective communication skills on an individual as well as a group basis, enables your child to achieve the things he or she wants from life more easily. The communication skills a child needs are not only for the public sphere – but also within his or her own environment – how to talk about how you are feeling, while keeping in mind the fact that the idea is to respond, and not react. Children have an inherent sense of wanting to be the centre of attention. And yet, many adults develop a fear of standing in front of a group and speaking. Encourage children to participate, to recite, to talk to people other than immediate family and friends. Vocabulary and the confidence to face an audience – whether one individual or several – will lead to, and come with active participation.

Out-of-The-Box Thinking
Trust that most of us parents are already out-of-the-box thinkers with the real life challenges our kids throw at us. Won’t have vegetable? Puree and mix with pasta sauce. Won’t brush teeth? Make funny sounds while brushing your own so she / he apes you. Don’t we all do things imaginatively to achieve what can be? In a world infested with rats and their races, this is the one skill that will make a child stand out and reach destinations where nobody has been before. Even for early learning activities, choose those that identify a problem or question, encourage brainstorming and solution-finding.

Parenting is a mix of tangible, emotional, psychological, physical and so many other lessons for parents as well as kids.

It is important to help your children develop critical, advantageous skills, strategies and techniques to survive as well as thrive in tomorrow’s world.

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