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Home School

Given the challenging times the world is facing, we realise the massive impact on children as they are not being able to go to physical schools.

We have a fantastic solution to offer parents and children – Home-schooling!

Yes, you can home-school your child without any hassle!

All our products are versatile in the sense that are they can be used:

  1. By the child – independently
  2. On a one-on-one basis where the child and the parent/grandparent/caregiver will supervise
  3. Or an adult can use them to supervise a small group of children

In short, our products help children learn by themselves or under the least amount of supervision compared to several learning products available in the market.

Our products are developed following thorough research and are based on the most efficient teaching methodology called ‘Multi-sensory Teaching Methodology.’ Our products cover pre-school curriculum content which means that your child is readily equipped to move to physical school whenever it’s time!

We provide you with simple step by step instructions in the Teaching guide and give you in-detail information of all the learning gains from each of our interactive learning series. These will guide you to effectively home-school your child. You will find this inside the manual given in the product kit box.

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