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About goDiscover


goDiscover Interactive Learning Series fosters learning and development through interactive play in children. We hope to win the hearts of parents and children through our fulfilling and innovative range of products. It’s our mission to be the best-loved innovator of children’s learning series. Our products boost a child’s imagination and helps discover themselves, their passion, and nurtures their curiosity.

Interaction is the principle focus of all goDiscover products. So, the child interacts with the content and further builds it by recording themselves. When more people become co-creators in the interaction process it builds deeper interaction. This happens through StickBuddy, the recordable stickers.

Our Story

As the name suggests, goDiscover is the spirit to go and discover. It means, to go out in the world and explore. We are a 10-year-old company with the vision to surprise and delight every child with meaningful products.

Sonia Swaroop Choksi, mother of Anaya and Vipul Gupta, father of Arhaan and Amairaa are the founders. They came up with this idea while interacting with their respective kids. Sonia noticed that children are incredibly observant and curious. Children cannot read or write in their early years. But, it does not stop them from wondering about the world around them. Moreover, they like to explore the most during their first 5 years of life.


Sonia was not in favour of giving gadgets or devices to her daughter. Therefore, she had the challenge to create meaningful and playful engagement for her daughter. She spent hours at the book/toy stores. But with Anaya’s love for books, they always ran short of them. And the toys were never found to consume her thoroughly.


On the other hand, while bringing up his twins, Vipul learnt the fact that early childhood learnings shape a child in many ways. It shapes their personality, aptitude, abilities and overall understanding. Like Sonia, he also had a similar challenge of finding meaningful and engaging products for his twins.

Together, Sonia and Vipul envisioned an Interactive Learning Experience for children. This was designed for kids and optimised for parents. It created a balance between the values and learning’s of their times with the needs of today’s young ones. Sonia and Vipul worked overnight to create Interactive Books. It was through this that the idea of goDiscover was born.

Since then, goDiscover has been accompaning children through their cognitive development. It even offers multi-sensorial innovative solutions whilst keeping them away from screens!

The Founders

Sonia Swaroop Choksi

As a documentary filmmaker and an entrepreneur, Sonia has a deep interest in people and various facets of life. She is curious and is interested in resolving complexities. Formulating an interactive way of reading is what she took on as the first innovative initiative in the space of early childhood. And this led to their first product, SmartBook. Embedding recording onto paper based products, the second product called StickBuddy was introduced. As her daughter grew, Sonia created KinderSmart, SmartChart, Bloom in addition to Preschool Curriculum books. Additionally, Moppet rolled out recently! All these products are created after several years of research and writing. The meaningful content speaks volumes behind those clutter-free attractive visuals.

Vipul Gupta

As a banker and an entrepreneur, Vipul has keen interest in Education. His interest drew him to look at innovative ways people could have to access the world of learning. goDiscover products are a result of his keen interest and entrepreneurial skills of connecting the dots and making things happen.

Our Core Values

Create ‘Let Kids Lead’ products

Our products tap into a child’s core potential by engaging and inspiring them to learn. We never direct or dictate them. Therefore, kids respond with their own twist by interacting with the products themselves.

Test everything

To become doubly sure of the products we make, we share it with parents, guardians and their little ones to test them. Afterwhich, if it doesn’t pass, we do not launch our products.

Plan, unplan, replan

Much time and utmost attention is given to get things working in the right direction. Because, for us, the right direction is to keep the childhood intact.

Combine multiple levels of learning

An authentic learning experience is incorporated into each of our products. We believe that in-depth information and creativity rests on the ability to combine disparate elements into new ways.

Constantly inspired

Our team is less of a ‘business analytics’ team and more of a ‘reinvent ourselves’ team. Therefore, we promise the touch of newness as we want to be better tomorrow than we are today.

Develop beyond the rules of learning

Furthermore, we believe that learning is an evolving/ongoing and flexible process. Every child learns in his own way and hence we attach no rules of learning. But we do provide enough space for imagination and wonderment. This keeps them constructively occupied.

We are picky

The choicest of quality materials are picked to create durable, lasting products for years of use. Also, every product we design is easy to use, multi-functional and adds value to the child’s learning.

Build what matters

We believe in building meaningful relationships with our customers, employees, vendors, governing bodies and other stakeholders. It strengthens our ecosystem over a period of time.

Reflect values into behaviours

Our values and behaviours complement each other. Therefore, we carry them through to happy hours of our working day.

Grateful attitude

We welcome your feedback regarding our products and services. Please email your suggestions to connect@godiscover.com. Your time and inputs are greatly appreciated.

About us

Making kids smile is the at the core of who we are and what we do.

Our products are developed by young think-tank of researchers, writers, designers, voice-over artists, and editors. They have rich experience in diverse fields like education, research, psychology, administration and management.

At goDiscover, we bring the right bit of technology for you to enjoy learning in the most traditional, organic and simple ways. Everything is simplified! We conceptualise products like talking books, charts, washable and re-recordable stickers to achieve the best and most-desirable learning outcomes.

Our Secret

The secret of our products is magical for kids. That is, our products talk, ask questions, tell jokes and sing songs too! It all comes from the work of our talented creators and advanced technology.

We easily get bored over non-challenging tasks. That’s because we are the finest fun-loving people prioritising kids’ happiness over everything we do. Also, we think like kids and never take life too seriously. We love to interact with as many kids we meet and ask questions like kids. This is done with loads of humour, curiosity and wonder.

Together with you, we like to share our genuinely useful products as a platform where children can play, laugh, relax and learn without any distraction from everyday life.

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