A to Z Dinosaur Flash cards for 4+ years olds kids
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A to Z Dinosaur Flash Cards


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Suitable for ages: 4+ years

Kit contains:

  • 26 Dino Flashcards
  • 32 Dino Questions and Answers
  • Re-recordable stickers

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Introducing A to Z Dinosaurs Flashcards.

Did you know that there is a Dinosaur name with each letter of English alphabet ? Well yes it is so and hence, what can be a more perfect way to learn the alphabets along with Dinosaurs! A fun and self-directed learning!

Designed for kids aged 4 and above when curiosity it at its peak, vocabulary is just about building and the mind is full of why’s!

Why A to Z Dinosaurs?

Learning by Interest: All about Dinosaurs, covering their names from A to Z, their sizes, food, sounds, habitat and fun facts.

Interactive Content: Lend your ears to jokes, move your fingers for DIY activities, and rack your brain for entertaining questions around Dinosaurs.

Your child’s curiosity is met with informative and enjoyable responses.

Family Fun: Enjoy well illustrated, colorful and captivating Dinosaur images that grab your attention. Make it a family affair by playing Dino games together. Questions can be read and answers can either be discussed, researched or heard via SmartPen.

Parental Involvement: Join the fun and learn about Dinosaurs alongside your children. We bet, a lot of it would be new to you too! 🙂

Witness your child’s never-ending excitement and learning journey with A to Z Dinosaurs Flashcards!

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