Why are books a vital part of a child’s growing age?
Books for kids


Books fill a child’s mind with lots of wonder and amazement!

Children innately are extremely curious about what is inside these magical books! The colorful images and words bring out their desire to know and understand things around them. Early exposure to books in a child’s life plays a vital role in the development of several skills that shape their personality, character and future.

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  1. Cognitive and Language Development

Children build their vocabulary to a large extent through listening. When you read a book, the child picks up vocabulary and language skills that are crucial for communication and building confidence as well. They are better equipped to express themselves verbally with a good grasp of the language they listen to. Additionally, they also pick up a new language other than their mother tongue!

2. Building Creativity and Imagination

Listening to books boosts a child’s creativity and imagination as they go into a fictional world where their imagination thrives. A child gets to think creatively, think out of the box because imagination then comes naturally to them. Creativity as a skill is one of the major skills a child will benefit from to a great extent in their everyday life.

3. Help make bonds and associations

Children form strong bonds and associations with the people who read to them and also with the characters or the things in those books. It helps them connect better with the people and world around them. This is essential for them to learn how to build relationships with people in real life and strengthen those bonds too.

4. Listening and Comprehension skills

The attention span of a child is hardly a few minutes and therefore reading books that they love or are curious about helps them learn to pay attention for a longer time. That is, it helps improve their attention span. Children get engrossed as they listen to the words, expressions and emotions in the books, thereby enabling them to comprehend the content they listen to in a meaningful way.

5. Emotional and Social Development

Books also build a child’s emotional skills as they listen, see and understand the different pictures, emotions and feelings, expressions and reactions from you. Their emotional intelligence grows exponentially through book reading. They also learn key social skills through the way the characters in the books interact with each other.

Educational books for kids help learn some major skills like reading, writing, listening, and speaking and more! There are plenty of educational books for 2- 4 years olds and older kids in the market today. For younger children, look for Pre-Nursery books or toys that are backed with research and are proven to build skills in children. All these skills mold a child in a beautiful way and give them the life skills they need to be successful in every aspect of their life.

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