Talking Pen with Books - SmartBook, SmartChart & KinderSmart
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Smartchart educational book for 5 to 10 years olds kids
Smartchart educational book for 5 -10 years olds kids
KinderSmart educational book for 2 - 6 years olds kids
SmartBook + KinderSmart educational book for 2 - 6 years olds kids
SmartBook + KinderSmart educational toy for 2 - 6 years olds kids
SmartBook + KinderSmart educational book for 2 years olds kids
SmartBook + SmartChart + KinderSmart educational books
Smart Book - educational toys for 2 to 4 year olds
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SmartBook + SmartChart + KinderSmart (Combo – 104)


Suitable for ages:2 to 10 years

Kit contains:

  • 1 set of 9 interactive books
  • 1 set of 18 interest based interactive posters
  • 1 set of 12 interactive charts with complex concepts
  • 1 Interactive pen
  • Data Cable

This combo (Talking Pen with Books) is a special box from goDiscover with 3 products in 1 kit along with 1 interactive SmartPen that works on all products and 42 141 re-recordable stickers.

Its a value for money kit with rich content from all the learning series i.e. Smart Book (9 interactive books) Kinder Smart (18 posters) Smart Chart (12 interactive charts) with complex knowledge. SmartBook: Each Smart Book is full of interactive and colourful content which will definitely grab the attention of your young one. Using the SmartPen, the pages of each SmartBook can be brought to life. The sensor at the tip of the pen reads the hidden code in the images to recite the pre-recorded information. The SmartBook (Educational Books) covers a range of topics from alphabets to all the popular nursery rhymes, even the Hindi varnmala, each interactive in a unique way.

KinderSmart is a special box for the little ones to learn meaningfully and willfully. It consists of a set of 18 age – appropriate interactive, paper-based, multi-sensorial posters. Rich on content and experience, these interactive posters have inbuilt audio content that cushions the child’s limitation to read large pieces of information. Every element has record & play feature.

Smart Chart: The charts explains concepts that build knowledge and aid children in their regular school curriculum without the pressure of learning. They are full of interactive and attention-grabbing colourful content. Using the SmartPen, the charts can be brought to life. The information on chart is assorted and designed in such a way that every child can explore at their own pace and interest without feeling overwhelmed.


STICK: Paste a Stick Buddy on anything, for instance a chart or a book.

RECORD: Touch the ‘Record’ button and start recording.

PLAY: Touch the ‘Play Me’ button to playback your recent recording.

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