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Child Development – 2 Year Olds-


Parenting a 2-year-old is a roller coaster ride. Should you invest in educational toys and learning toys? Yes definitely! But not anything. Do some research on how it is going to add to your toddler’s development. What about educational toys that are interactive like talking books? Here are the top 10 reasons why and how screen-less and interactive talking books are beneficial for 2-year-olds.

  1. Helps in speech development: Talking books can help in speech development for a 2-year-old by providing the option to record their voice and also hear it back. When they hear their recording, they are able to improve their speech with the mental reference of its sound as they have heard from the book.
  2. Promotes Language Development: Interactive tools such as talking books help to build your child’s vocabulary and encourage language development.
  3. Enhances Cognitive Development: Interactive tools like puzzles, board games, handling and using books with talking pen and stickers help to improve your child’s cognitive abilities and support brain development.
  4. Encourages Storytelling: Talking books and puppet shows help to encourage storytelling, imagination, and creativity.
  5. Develops Fine Motor Skills: Interactive tools like talking pen, books, posters etc. that require pressing buttons to switch on and off or controlling volume help to develop your child’s fine motor skills.
  6. Supports Early Learning: Talking books that teach the alphabet, numbers, and basic concepts like shapes, colors, and animals provide opportunities for your child to learn the basics in a fun and interactive way.
  7. Promotes Independent Learning: Interactive and screen-less learning tools allow your child to explore and learn at their own pace with minimum supervision.
  8. Engages Children for Longer Periods: Talking books are more engaging than traditional toys and books, so children are more likely to spend longer periods of time learning and playing.
  9. Improves Concentration: Interactive tools like talking books, rhymes, puzzles, interactive DIY globe etc. require focus and attention that help to improve child’s concentration and focus.
  10. Encourages Interactive Play: Talking books and pen encourage interactive play, which can be a great way for your child to bond with you, other children and even grandparents!
  11. Provides a Safe and Fun Environment: Interactive toys like talking books provide a safe and fun learning environment, allowing your child to explore and learn without the risk of harm.


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