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I’ve made it half way into the terrible twos and I’d really like to thank this interactive set for helping me & my son Aryan sail through it! We got this kit as a gift from our friend a year ago & there’s been no looking at smartphones, laptop or television ever since. Not only have we managed to keep Aryan de-digitized but we’ve stopped buying other books because the book convers almost everything that a toddler needs to learn at this age! It makes learning very easy & simple no matter what subject you choose! I would highly recommend this product because it simply outsmarts our smartphones!

Shraddha Antony

My grandchild used to get bored with me because I had nothing interesting to do with him. He used to watch cartoon all day and I used to get bored in that. This set of 9 books are wonderful. They are very good books and with the recording stickers, Rajveer and I have a lot of activities to do. They become unique and so he never gets bored. Marvellous creation.

Love it.. have bought a couple of them as gifts too.

My daughter is learning a lot through these books. It gives nice info and is very good to engage toddlers.

A very nice interactive study material. Specially good when u dont have time to teach your children

Nice collection of books, Pen is good and responsive with almost ZERO lag. Additional stickers are very innovative and can be used for other books that are not part of this kit. Very good and clear pronunciation and voices and content is fun too

Suraj Bhatia

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