Preschool Interactive Learning Smart Book for 2 to 4 Year Kids
SmartBook Box
smart book educational books for 2 to 4 years olds
smartbook educational books for 2 years olds
smartbook educational books for 4 years olds
smart book educational toys for 2 - 4 years olds
smartbook educational toys for 2 to 4 years olds
smartbook educational toys for 2 years olds
smartbook educational toys for 4 years olds
Smart Book - educational toys for 4 year olds
Smart Book - educational toys for 2 year olds
Smart Book - educational toys for 2 to 4 year olds
Smart Book - educational books for 4 year olds
Smart Book - educational books for 2 years olds
Smart Book - educational books for 2 to 4 years olds
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smartbook with smartpen Early Development Activity Toys 2 - 4 Years
SmartBook Box

SmartBook Interactive Learning Books for 2 to 4 Year Kids

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Suitable for ages: 2 – 4 years

SmartBook kit contains:

  • 1 Set of 9 books
  • 42 re-recordable stickers
  • Interactive pen
  • Data Cable

Topics covered:

  • Letter A to Z
  • Animals & Birds
  • Vegetables & Fruits
  • Colours
  • Rhymes
  • First 100 words
  • Numbers
  • Picture Book
  • Sidhi Saral Hindi

Product Overview:
goDiscover SmartBook kit contains 9 educational and interactive books with a talking
pen and 40+ re-recordable stickers for kids aged 2-4 years for learning through play.
To be ideally bought between 2 to 3 years of age **when children cannot read and write as yet**
but are exposed to the world of Alphabets, Numbers, Colours, Animals, Vegetables & Fruits,
Stories, Rhymes!

Interactive Features:
**Each piece of text and image has audio information without mobiles & screens. Audio on
Hear what you cannot read as yet 🙂

SmartBook is **colourful and interactive**, triggering children's imagination.
SmartPen brings pages to life through **sound**. It recites pre-recorded information.
StickBuddy, the re-recordable stickers are to **add personal audio for personalisation**,
language translation or customised information. **Stickers can be placed anywhere** on either
of the SmartBook or even on other books and materials, making it all interactive!

Content Variety:
Covers alphabets, popular nursery rhymes, Hindi arnmala, animals, birds, vegetables, fruits,
colors, rhymes, first 100 words, numbers, and a picture book which enables the child to observe
images and sounds and develop their own stories.
1. **Alphabets** include accurate pronunciation of letters, new words, sentence formation using
the new words, activities and fun audio.
2. **Animals & Birds** book offers simple yet detailed age-appropriate information through
3. **Vegetables & Fruits** book is unique with images that show where it is grown to how it
looks and also detailed information.
4. **Colours** book focuses on the understanding of VIBGYOR and recognition of colours
versus objects.
5. **Rhymes** are chosen to be the classics but their unique narration helps to understand the
words and the story versus just the music as in other formats. The Rhymes also become
interactive and participatory here.
6. **First 100 words** book opens up 100 different worlds to the child, aids pronunciations and
learning common words.
7. **0-50 Numbers** become a game through number recognition, counting & activities
designed with interactive fundamentals.
8. **Picture Book** encourages storytelling at the child's level by taking support from shown
visuals and sounds but interpreting it in their own unique ways, each time. Stick-Buddy adds
magic by making it possible for parents and grandparents to join the process of story-making but
at their own time and will !
9. **Seedhi Saral Hindi** simplifies Hindi learning by covering grammar, alphabet,
pronunciation, words, sentences and often hilarious rhymes by using the introduced words!

Parental Engagement:
Parents can **engage with kids through their own voice notes** using the SmartPen and
StickBuddy. No mobile apps, no screens!
**The power of parents and grandparents voice** in a toy is monumental to say the least !
The audio recordings done by the child anywhere in the SmartBook kit **can be downloaded**
by the parent for safekeeping the precious growing up memories!

Are they educational toys or learning toys? Yes, why not? These preschool educational toys do everything a toy does and much more! These are a perfect educational gift for a tiny human you know.

If you already have the Smart Book (Preschool Interactive Learning Smart Book), then the next logical step is to get the Smart Chart and continue the holistic, healthy growth of your child.

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1 review for SmartBook Interactive Learning Books for 2 to 4 Year Kids

  1. Khyati

    Hi My self Khyati nd my daughter Nirvi Maniar she is 4year old using *Smart interactive Book* she just love using all 9 set of books nd very nice customer service providing to us… love to use more products of *goDiscover* ❤️

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