Educational Toys for 3 Years Olds - Interactive Learning Series for kids

A 3-year-old behaves almost like a 2-year-old but with more responsiveness, confidence and communication. This is the age when they continue to learn new things and show new emotions and get more expressive. They love their independence, love to pretend to play and talk a lot more. The 3-year-olds are full of energy, throwing tantrums, and love to get their feet wet or muddy playing on sand or water.

Parenting a 3-year-old slightly gets better as they start understanding instructions better although they are more inclined to do things their way. They pay more attention while reading and listening to books and their movements get faster. They communicate their needs or wants better.

A 3-year-old uses longer sentences, up to 3-5 sentences at a go. They even understand methodically how to shorten sentences to put forth their communication. They even start building up stories and it is the right age to include story, role-play learning methods. Maybe smart books, puzzles, help them develop their cognitive skills.

At this age the child will also talk about people and objects together – for example – My book is on the table or Mom is at work. All these are learning references for your 3-year-old and a clear sign they are learning faster than you know.

Witnessing them develop their everyday skills is entertaining for both the parent and the child. Using objects like “Building blocks”, “Books for everyday learning” or even audio sensory devices help them grasp knowledge and engage in meaningful way. When you give the right attention and resources, your toddler will learn better and grow. So why wait? Go ahead and nurture their innocent minds.

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