Kids Learning Book SmartChart, KinderSmart & SmartPen
SmartChart + KinderSmart educational books & toys for 2 - 6 years olds kids
Smartchart educational book for 5 to 10 years olds kids
Smartchart educational book for 5 -10 years olds kids
KinderSmart educational book for 2 - 6 years olds kids
SmartBook + KinderSmart educational book for 2 years olds kids
SmartBook + SmartChart + KinderSmart educational books
SmartChart + KinderSmart educational books & toys for 2 - 6 years olds kids

SmartChart + KinderSmart (Combo – 103)


Suitable for ages:3 to 10 years

Kit contains:

  • 1 set of 18 interest based interactive posters
  • 1 set of 12 interactive charts with complex concepts
  • 141 re-recordable stickers
  • 1 Interactive pen
  • Data Cable

This combo (Kids Learning Book)is a special box from goDiscover with 2 products in 1 kit: Kinder Smart (18 interest based posters) SmartChart (12 interactive charts with complex concepts) along with 141 re-recordable stickers.

It’s a value for money kit with rich content from both the learning series i.e. Kinder Smart (18 posters) Smart Chart (12 interactive charts) with complex knowledge. KinderSmart is a special box for the little ones (designed for ages 3 to 6) to learn meaningfully and wilfully. It consists of a set of 18 age – appropriate interactive, paper-based, multi-sensorial posters. Rich on content and experience, these interactive posters have inbuilt audio content that cushions the child’s limitation to read large pieces of information. Every element has record & play feature.

Smart Chart: The charts explains concepts that build knowledge and aid children in their regular school curriculum without the pressure of learning. They are full of interactive and attention-grabbing colourful content (educational book for 5 to 10 year olds). Using the SmartPen, the charts can be brought to life. The information on chart is assorted and designed in such a way that every child can explore at their own pace and interest without feeling overwhelmed.


STICK: Paste a Stick Buddy on anything, for instance a chart or a book.

RECORD: Touch the ‘Record’ button and start recording.

PLAY: Touch the ‘Play Me’ button to playback your recent recording.


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