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Map of India Puzzle


Suitable for ages: 4-99 years

Map of India Puzzle Kit contain:

  • 120 Pieces of 3 X 2.5” each
  • High quality wood
  • Option to hear 10 hours of audio content
  • Audio content available in both English, Hindi

Smart Pen enables learning the following for each Indian state:

  • Capitals
  • Languages
  • Animals
  • Birds
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Rivers & Lakes
  • Wild life Sanctuaries
  • Sports
  • Waterbodies
  • Art & culture
  • Places to visit
  • Fun facts
  • Trivia

** Audio available in both, English & Hindi. Just touch the Smart Pen to the language of your choice

First Ever Multilingual + Interactive Puzzle Series
Languages: English, Hindi (audio)

Unveiling the Map of India – A Gateway to Exploration, Interaction and Fun

Puzzles have historically been a cherished resource in early childhood for improving memory and problem-solving skills. However, once the jigsaw puzzle is solved, most children tend to lose interest. It’s not just the satisfaction of solving it but the sense of discovery that keeps young minds engaged. That sense of never-ending discovery is our uniqueness. Read more to learn how!

Unlock the World of India

Once the large floor puzzle is cracked and we see the map of India completed, your child can embark on an exciting journey of discovery through 10 hours of captivating audio content about each of India’s diverse states, with goDiscover’s SmartPen!

A Puzzle Designed for Lifelong Learning

Our wooden floor puzzle for Map of India are designed to become an iconic addition to your child’s library and a family-game to enjoy together, just how chess and ludo have been. Here’s why it’s a must-have:

  1. Enhancing Decision-Making Skills: As your child assembles the colourful puzzle and navigate through a large section of the oceans and the greens around the Indian boundaries, children make choices about how to proceed, shape the border first or move inwards. These choices impact their experience, teaching valuable decision-making skills.
  2. Learning Perfection with outlines: The wooden puzzle’s pieces are designed to fit perfectly with each other, reinforcing the importance of correctness and perfection, while also helping develop mental patterns of the country’s states, boundaries, neighbourhood and directions.
  3. Fine Motor Skills: Working with their hands to assemble the puzzle strengthens fine motor skills, an essential aspect of early development.
  4. Visual Sensory Stimulation: The wooden geographical puzzle is a high-visual sensory activity, a brain teaser where children watch the shape of India emerge as they place the correct pieces in their designated positions.
  5. Interactive Learning: Once the puzzle is assembled, the fun continues. With the Smart Pen (available here or an old one can also be used after updating), each element comes to life, providing rich information about capitals, languages, wild life sanctuaries, art and music, landscape, sports, facts etc, all in audio when touched.
  6. Multilingual Learning: The educational puzzle supports audio content in both Hindi and English. Listening to content in their mother tongue helps children connect with their feelings and thoughts, while exploring familiar content in another language expands their vocabulary and pronunciation. It’s a reflection of the multilingual nature of India.
  7. A Social and Educational Activity: It’s not just a solitary pastime; parents can join their kids in solving the puzzle, making it a wonderful family activity. It also fosters teamwork and leadership skills.
  8. A Treasure for a Lifetime: This product isn’t just for today; it’s something to cherish for years and even a lifetime. It’s not just about learning; it’s about creating lasting memories.

Smart Pen Details

1. Get your SmartPen here if this is the first time you are purchasing any of our products
2. Update your older SmartPen with Map of India Puzzle if you already have one

** watch videos to learn about the various things you can learn from the interactive map!


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