Kids are always motivated. Handy points for us to match up!

Kids are always motivated. Handy points for us to match up!

For parents, this is quite a stressful time. Keeping children entertained at home from morning till bedtime. Keeping them engaged meaningfully is a case in point. It is quite natural that you might get tempted to just handover a phone to your children to keep them entertained while you get some time to finish your work or to be just by yourself. But there are various ways that will not only help you get through the next few days but also in the future. Here are some tips on how to keep your child meaningfully engaged.

  1. Make a routine: Since there is no school for the next few weeks, it is vital to establish daily routines. Create a timetable with your kid and do take their suggestions.
  2. Adapt mediums to learn efficiently: It is natural that studying at home will become a boring process for your child sooner or later. A variety of mediums that can be very useful to make learning and education fun, interesting and a lot easier.
  • Use your child’s interest: It is a good time to reflect on interests of the child and use those interests to make learning fun. Examples could be singing the topics, involving math, geography in their favourite sports and a lot more.
  • Practical learning: Indulge kids in practical learning For e.g., you can take out pulses from kitchen and show them, ask them to label them or do gardening with them and explain photosynthesis and how plants come to life.
  • Technology as medium: Bring in technology to make the work easier for your child and you e.g., online teaching or apps etc. Interactive books using the talking pen technology are a perfect addition to every educational portfolio fro young kids. The Multi- sensory approach makes the subject not just limited to reading but opens other ways of communication i.e. listening since the topic talks to the child and listening since kids can record their own impression and imagination (See footnote to explore such products)

3. Physical Activity: It is very important to stay fit, not just physically but also mentally. Studies show that doing any kind of physical activity releases brain chemicals associated with learning. At home, you can motivate kids to dance, do aerobics, rope skipping, if you have a balcony put a small hoop for basketball etc.

4. Indulging in games: This could be anything from indulging into a match of good old board games to Chess or Carom boards etc.

5. Keep kids off screens: Goal is not to be overwhelmed and expose your child to TV and mobile screens to keep them entertained. Try to keep them involved otherwise or give them a substitute like the talking books and even motivate them in helping with small household chores.

Know that the objective as parents or guardians is to keep children motivated to learn everyday and that education is not just limited to reading and writing. Share your thoughts and suggestions with other parents here on how you are dealing with the situation.

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