Three Fun Indoor Physical Activities for Kids
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Three Fun Indoor Physical Activities for Children

Now, that your children are home all day, keeping them engaged its a major task at your hand. But don’t let this situation come in the way of your child’s physical fitness. Below are 3 fun activities that’s handy, fun and will keep your little one physically fit indoors.

1. Rope skipping: Firstly a complete physical work out that boosts energy levels and tremendously improves balance, coordination, and agility. Either get your child to do as many skips as they want over a maximum 10 minutes. Remember to ensure they take a little break every 2 minutes to not exhaust completely. For example, dividing time for rope skipping in 3 parts of the day is another option– morning, noon and evening. You can keep a target count for the day as per the stamina of your child.

Don’t have a rope skipping at home? You can easily make it at home with an old rope
or unused wire if you have and you can be sure that it is safe for a child to
play with. Get creative!

2. Hula Hoop: This fun activity is not just a physical exercise but also helps to improve balancing and hand – eye coordination. So, include this amazing activity in your kid’s routine on a daily basis. Don’t have a hoop at home? Don’t worry, we sure have a creative solution for you. Do you have the old pipe that you used to water the plants with, and a strong tape? If yes, that is all that you need. Tape both ends of the pipe, keeping the diameter such that it can fit child’s lower waist and move freely as he/she moves it around. Indulge your kid in some creativity first and then some exercise!

3. Dance: Finally the good old dancing! Children are usually self-motivated in this case and so are adults. But did you know that apart from many other benefits, dancing also improves a child’s cognitive and fine motor performance? The boost in confidence and social skills are obvious, isn’t it? Get ready mommies and daddies and let us bring some exciting smiles to little ones!

With that, your child’s physical activities for the next few days are sorted. What exercise is your child getting for his/her brain though? Additionally, here are sometips that will be handy for you.

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