Why Your Child Refuses To Respond
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Why Your Child Refuses To Respond

Why Your Child Refuses To Respond To You?

As kids grow, their mental, physical capacities also change and adapt their behaviour accordingly. Parents act as role models to their children by the way to walk, talk and behave. The way we speak to them and to those around us, shows them how we expect them to speak back to us.

There are 3 ways parents communicate with their children:

Speaking with aggression:

Sometimes parents yell a lot or they might unknowingly put their kids down by using attacking words. Now, every child responds to this in different ways. Often, they may feel afraid or fearful or they get defensive-aggressive and shout back at their parents. As a result, they may block their parents altogether by completely ignoring their constant orders.

Passive Responses:

This type is the exact opposite of the aggressive-tone parent. These parents mutter soft, cautious words to their kids. However, their kids run riot or walk all over them. Unfortunately, when such kids become totally out of control, parents go beyond their limits. Therefore, they suddenly turn their communication from calm to a very aggressive tone. Their patience is lost and they explode, leaving their children wondering what really happened.


An assertive way of communicating is by being firm, consistent, clear, positive, warm and confident to your child. However, this is a real skill that is not easy to master. Being assertive shows your child that you mean what you say and that they must listen to you.


Although there are many high points of being a parent, a serious challenge that most parents face is about how they need to talk to their kids so that they listen and obey them. In conclusion, the WAY we talk to our kids has a huge impact on their learning and ability to listen back to us. So, do check your own behaviour and speaking style and get your child to listen to you.

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