10 Quick and Proven Techniques to Boost Your Child’s Memory

10 Quick and Proven Techniques to Boost Your Child’s Memory

Most days, you cant even remember what you had for dinner 2 days ago. But next minute your memory takes you back precisely to an occurrence when you were 4 to 5 year old! Strange, isnt it? The human brain is the most complex organ in the body. Clearly, this organ is going to need enough supplements so it could perform to its optimum level. Every child in exclusive and there are many proven ways to improve your child’s memory. Let’s get on to them!

A relaxed environment: A relaxed space which is free of stress, panic and any kind of drama boosts the brain. It helps the child in decision making and also memorizing. Additionally, an environment with positive vibes and energy helps the child to “calm down” and think better.

Curiosity is the key: Children are always snoopy, and they want to learn something new each day. Motivating their curiosity and answering their questions, fascinates them. For example, you can keep them engaged by asking them always the basic questions like , “How? What? and Why?”. This approach inspires their growth. 

Questioning is good: When you encourage the child to question more, on any topic it expands their curiosity. Indeed, questions like “What is this topic about? How will this topic help me grow?” etc bring a sense of eagerness to the child and adaptability to the topic.

  • More questions during the topic like “ This is what I thought, but it still doesn’t fit in” keeps them interested on the subject.

  • Furthermore, futuristic questions like “What are the next steps in this subject to grow better?” or “Are there any new things to learn” can add to the inquisitiveness on the topic.

Attention grabbing: The tall, yellow sunflowers always stand out in the crowd of flowers. If your child is having difficulty in memorizing a topic, try highlighting it. You could use markers, color coding, different sized fonts and categorize the topics. You can even use art techniques like calligraphy to gain their interest. Visual aids work wonders with children. Making flash cards, rhymes, acting the stories or using props can spice up there learning process. This will help them remember what they learnt better.

Multi- sensorial learning approach: Two primitive senses of a child are “Listening” and “Speaking”. Emphasizing on them progresses and widens their thoughts. Bring in mediums that help your child learn efficiently using these senses! One such medium is the “Talking book technology”; It stresses more on the listening and speaking skills, which brings a sense of assurance and achievement. goDiscover Interactions have curriculum-based products which uses the same technology. It is fun, evolutionary and informative.

Connect the dots: Encourage kids to create a mind map and connect related topics to each other. So, if you’re teaching them about types of fish, you could teach them about types of water bodies, so they can relate to different topics and which gives a breakthrough to their imagination.  Because of the relatability, this method increases the deeper and the long-term understanding of the topic.

Opinion based learning: When you ask your child their opinion on the topic, it develops there critical thinking. Also, it gives a sense of weightiness to their point of view. The child will be more ready and willing to explore the subject when asked an opionion.

Split big tasks: Breaking tasks into smaller one’s eases brain as it sets smaller goals to achieve. Think of it as climbing a staircase and taking just a step at a time is an easily achievable goal. Letting kids create their steps also helps in their organizing skills.

Rewards are encouraging: Everybody likes rewards. Being rewarded motivates child’s interest in the topic further. And if there is interest, memorizing gets way easier. Rewards not only means promising gifts but also, words and gestures of encouragement go a long way.

Practice, Practice, Practice: Finally, some say its hard work, some say its smart work, but whatever the work, PRACTICE as a habit, makes things perfect. Regular practice transforms short-term memory to a long-term memory. It is a traditional method which has been followed for long to rise to success.


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