How to Go About Sex Education With Your Child?
sex education for kids

How to go about sex education with your child?

Speaking about sex education to your kid is a pickle for every parent. As per experts the earliest sex education can be taught at the age of four. Start with the basics, and go with the flow. Let’s check out the list of things to keep in mind for the talk:

Honesty is the best policy:

Children can sense your nervousness if you are being secretive. Therefore, it is best to be open and approachable to answer any of their curiosities. 

Repetition and broadening of queries every year:

Giving a brief gist like, ‘there it is, I had the talk’! well! No. Children often hear something or other from their friends as well. They will also stumble upon such topic over TV or internet and might also overhear your conversations.   Parents have to prepared to have a deeper conversation, not just once but few times while they grow.

Clear communication on what is private:

Private parts awareness should start early as much as for your 3 year old. Your sincere and open style of communication encourages them too. For instance, just like a nose or tummy, a penis or vagina is a body part. But they are private to the individual and this means that no one can touch. Make them know, that if anyone happens to touch them, they should immediatly speak it out.

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Handling inappropriate questions at inappropriate situations:

Always encourage children to ask question even if it is inappropriate. If the situation around is not right, then you can also tell them that you will discuss in detail later instead of shunning them out.

Gender should be a neutral thing:

Kids are very impressionable. Firstly, they look up to their elders around them. If you tell your son “Stop crying, only girls cry!” just to make to get him quiet, he might relate being vulnerable as a disgrace. Secondly, he has perceived girls as weak. This is where the child will associate himself or herself with a gender group! It is important to make kids aware that apart from the physical difference there is no difference in genders. To encourage use gender neutral terminology at home. Home is their first morale school.

Talking about sexually transmitted diseases:

Firstly talk about germs, cleanliness etc. Talk to them about precautions to take. Tell that that, sex is okay as long as it is safe. Gradually, as they ask or grow, there can be more specifics about the meaning and process of safe sex Speak about the dangers of blood transmission and injections without consent. Furthermore, discussing such topics brings an awareness to protect themselves. Thus, knowledge is the key to growth.

Click here to listen to an interesting talk by V. Chandra – Mouli, expert in adolescent sexual and reproductive health – W.H.O, that sexuality education is not just teaching about sex, reproduction or how to avoid problems.


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