6 Troubles With Online Learning

6 Troubles With Online Learning

In retrospection, COVID–19 has been one of the major challenges reoccurring in our lives. With some initial glitches the world is moving forward. Education, healthcare, jobs all are electronically connected now.

Online learning has become a way of life due to Covid -19. Most schools, tutors, even expanded to extra-curricular subjects, through online learning methods. Online learning, even though it is convenient, has its pros and cons. Basically, change is new to many, but progress is impossible without change. Let us tune in and read about the troubles of online learning.

  • Technology gap

Not all parents are well versed in technology. Additionally , online teaching tools like connecting to advanced Zoom calls, can be a hassle for many parents. Parents have to sit with young children throughout the class. This can be a tedious task. A good internet connection is much needed for every class. For developing countries, which have minimal internet access and power outages, online classes can be a hassle.

  • Managing the children:

Offline class has a greater number of students and yet easy to track. But, in an online class, the difficulty of articulating your point is like deep waters. Children are distracted easily and hard to monitor. Students sometime chat, sometimes not at desk, playing games and many more. With all this managing children in an online class is not only about teaching, but also monitoring them.

  • Time factor

Online lessons are schedules yet, sticking to the plan can have its surprises.  Managing the classroom is challenging. The urge to finish the class on time, creates more discrepancies. Sometimes it is the bad internet, or late joining which parents might not even be aware of. Even with strict rules, these mishaps tend to happen, and any precautions taken are only a temporary solution to this problem.

  • Managing homework

Most children dread homework. With online learning, homework has become a grindstone for parents as well. With rising demand, homework’s are more creative now. Common complaints you hear from most parents are: “As this is online class, we have to sit the with the children, but we have no time.” Many children skip homework do to this. For instance, in timed classes, homework can’t be a part of classwork. This makes them ignore homework altogether.

  • Feedback for children

Feedback is not personal anymore as it is online classes. Hardly students check their suggestions or feedback given to them. In offline classes, it is personalized and scope of improvement. After that teachers discuss with the parents as well.  Feedback is very important as it gives a check on the learning abilities of the child. With online learning, the feedback is generic.

  • Demotivation

Above all students are yet to adjust to long online sessions. Keeping kids pinned and also able to put forth the importance of learning is irksome. It is like information dump on the child. Looking at the screen all day demotivates the children. However, most students do not even switch on their videos, or might not even sit in front of their screens. Due to the time factor and lack of true presence personal attention goes down.

In conclusion the cons of online learning, even though it is a safe method, developing this system takes time. With more accurate measures and fewer students per class, there is a possibility of success. Therefore, adapting to the best possible solution and making the best out of it gives a future to online learning.

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