SmartChart without Pen
SmartChart without Pen
SmartChart without Pen
SmartChart without Pen
SmartChart without Pen
SmartChart without Pen

SmartChart without Pen


Suitable for ages: 5 – 10 years

SmartChart kit contains:

  • Set of 12 charts
  • 141 Re-recordable stickers
  • Interactive pen
  • Data Cable
  • Use code ‘GD10’ to avail a discount of 10%
  • NOTE: Supported by goDiscover SmartPen purchased in or after 2018

The goDiscover SmartChart contains 12 charts.

12 charts which open up an immersive experience in learning, engagement, and fun.

This kit is created for children who are really curious. It explains concepts that build knowledge and aid children in their regular school curriculum without the pressure of learning. Apt for parents who want to initiate their children (aged 5 – 10 years) for the more complex concepts to come.

The SmartChart is the perfect tool for parents as well as teachers to help children grasp advanced learning. Using the StickBuddy, or the re-recordable stickers, the information on any chart can be doubled, in quantity and in value. The StickBuddy allows recording and playback on charts with which information, on the same or allied subjects, can be built in subsequent recordings.

The 12 charts are categorized with unique content and innovative methods, such as the spider chart, to

1)      Create new content

2)      Improve children’s existing knowledge base.

3)      Generate curiosity

4)      Build thinking capacity

If you already own the SmartBook the SmartChart is the logical next step.

And if you don’t have the SmartBook, then you should start with it.

But, if your child is already 5 years or above, the SmartChart is a must-have because you don’t want to miss out on something so wonderful, twice!

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