Book for Kindergarten - Smart Book Without Talking Pen
SmartBook + KinderSmart educational toy for 2 - 6 years olds kids
SmartBook + KinderSmart educational book for 2 - 6 years olds kids
Smart Book - educational books for 2 to 4 years olds
smartbook with smartpen Early Development Activity Toys 2 - 4 Years
SmartBook + KinderSmart educational book for 6 years olds kids
SmartBook + KinderSmart educational toy for 2 - 6 years olds kids

Smart Book without Pen


Suitable for ages: 2 – 4 years

This kit contains:

  • 1 Set of 9 books
  • 42 re-recordable stickers
  • Data Cable
  • NOTE: Supported by goDiscover SmartPen purchased in or after 2018

The goDiscover SmartBook without pen kit is a set of 9 books and 42 re-recordable stickers.

All the 9 books offer multitudes of fun, education, and engagement for kids aged 2-4 years. (Book for Kindergarten)

Each Smart Book is full of interactive and colourful content which will definitely grab the attention of your young one. Using the SmartPen that you already have, the pages of each SmartBook can be brought to life.

With the re-recordable stickers, you can also record new audios to add to the SmartBook.

Now, you can engage your kids with the voice they love and know – your own, even when you aren’t home.

The SmartBook covers a range of topics from alphabets to all the popular nursery rhymes, even the Hindi varnmala, each interactive in a unique way.

  1. Letter A to Z: Learning alphabets was never this easy for your kiddo. Yes, A for Apple and B for Ball are still there on traditional paper books but in this book your child gets to hear the words and sentences being pronounced accurately in the fun audio!
  2. Animals & Birds: This takes your kiddo on an interactive tour in the world of animals and birds.  They listen to their sounds and know so much of each one of them.  So we assure that your little one is going to identify a lot of them on their own in the real world!
  3. Vegetables & Fruits: Your little one listens to all the vegetable and fruit rhymes and is bound to fall in love with more than 5 vegetables and fruits! The images are attractive and fun to listen to.
  4. Colours: Hand your kiddo the ‘Colours’ smart book with the smart talking pen. Pretty sure they will be your fashion or interior designing support – in terms of color recognition and concept!
  5. Rhymes: Rhymes nurture a child’s imagination and creativity but listening to rhymes at their own pace plus the create, record and play self-made rhymes in their own voice takes the whole experience a notch up.
  6. First 100 words: Ever wonder how at times your little one just picks up a sudden accent or pronunciation out of nowhere? But what if they can have the right pronunciation handy – right in their hand? In addition to learning 100 commonly used words in their surroundings.
  7. Numbers: Math will be fun with the ‘Numbers’ smart book! Your kiddo is going to love learning and practicing ‘interactive math’!
  8. Picture Book: The ‘Picture Book’ gives ample plots to toy with and come up with many stories! Your kiddo can record a new story each day on the page itself and record their imagination and creativity!
  9. Sidhi Saral Hindi: Yes, learning Hindi is a pain for us Indians also. But we can’t tell you how simple and easy it is to just pick up the ‘Sidhi Saral Hindi’ and just let the interaction do the magic! Hindi grammar, alphabet, words, spellings and sentences are all taken care of by mere interaction!

Are they educational toys or learning toys? Yes, why not? These preschool educational toys do everything a toy does and much more! These are a perfect educational gift for a tiny human you know.

If you already have the SmartBook, then the next logical step is to get the SmartChart and continue the holistic, healthy growth of your child.

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