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Wonder & Smile Interactive Story Books Without Pen


Suitable for ages: 3+ years

Kit contains:

  • 3 Interactive Story Books with 7 stories each.
  • A total of 21 interactive, fun and exciting stories based on well researched age-appropriate content.
  • 30+ re-recordable stickers to add your personal touch to each of these stories.

Childhood memories are like small pouches of dopamine – whenever you open one, it just fills you with happiness and sweet nostalgia! And we guarantee that more than one of those happy memories are story times – grandma telling stories or us craving and asking for story time with mom, aunty, big brother, grandpa etc. or cooking up our own stories and imagining every story in our own creative way. That sweet memory and imagination stays with us forever – no matter how old we get, isn’t it?

Stories are always special for a child, and we couldn’t resist but make them old school i.e. on paper books with wonderful illustrations yet interactive and fun for our little humans, whilst keeping them away from screens!

goDiscover presents good old story books for your little ones but with an addition of interaction that stimulates and enhances creativity, imagination, speech, vocabulary and so much more only through the one-of-a-kind kit, WONDER & SMILE!

The WONDER & SMILE Interactive Story Book Kit’s Unique Features:

  1. Great resource for developing listening and language skills with our goDiscover SmartPen.
  2. Listen to wonder books anywhere, super-easy and screen free.
  3. Pleasant and easy to follow narrative audio.
  4. Accessible for children who don’t read yet or who struggle with reading. 
  5. Can be used by one or more children at the same time by increasing the Interactive Pen’s volume.
  6. Children can listen to the story over and over by themselves under limited or no supervision.

What is special about Wonder Storybooks?

  • Stories played with music help kids stay focused and learn new words, sounds, expressions and more!
  • Develops your child’s brain, their ability to focus, concentrate, builds social and communication skills.
  • Sparks your child’s imagination and stimulates curiosity.
  • Improves your child’s pronunciation and fluency, thereby building confidence.
  • Fosters empathy, understanding and emotional intelligence.
  • Helps your child learn punctuation, enunciation, and emphasis, all of which
    bring out the meaning of a text and improve speaking and writing skills.
  • Helps your child learn the difference between ‘real’ and ‘make-believe.’
  • Helps your child understand language above their reading level, and learn
    new words and advanced sentence structures.
  • Helps your child cope better with long journeys as Wonder Stories can be
    played in the car or even on trains and buses. Easy to carry anywhere and everywhere!
  • Helps your child understand feelings and emotions and helps them learn more about themselves.
  • STICK: Paste a Stick Buddy on anything, for instance a chart or a book.
  • RECORD: Touch the ‘Record’ button and start recording.
  • PLAY: Touch the ‘Play Me’ button to playback your recent recording.

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