Educational Smartbook Interactive Book for Nursery
Moppet Nursery books for 3+ years olds
Moppet Nursery books for 3+ years olds kids
Moppet Nursery books for 3+ years olds kids
Moppet Nursery books for 3+ years olds kids

Moppet Nursery – Curriculum books for 3+ years


Suitable for ages: 3 + years

Kit contains:

  • Set of 3 course books (Term 1,2,3) – Alphabet, Pre – Math, EVS
  • 2 Rhymes & Story books
  • 4 Workbooks for Term 1, 2,3 
  • 5 sets of Flash Cards for stories
  • 1 Interactive pen
  • Data Cable
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MOPPET – Nursery is a curriculum-based set of Nursery books which has been carefully prepared to enable the little minds to understand various concepts with the help of real-life examples, stories, rhymes and activities. This Nursery Kit has 3 educational books which cover Alphabet, Pre- Maths and EVS in three different levels. Level 1 book is designed for beginners, Level 2 book is designed for intermediate and Level 3 book is for the advanced understanding of the concepts. Interactive Book for Nursery

Each book familiarises children with the English alphabet, words, numbers, mathematical concepts such as shapes, sequences and EVS topics such as human body, road safety, good habits and much more! What makes it further interesting is that apart from having the information on paper, the whole set can be made interactive with the talking Smartpen which allows children to develop their imagination and enhances curiosity as well as creativity. Interactive Book for Nursery

With this set introduced into you’re your child’s home studies, the learning won’t be limited for just a few hours but it can be also extended to endless hours of playfulness. Pronunciation of words, real-life examples and activities based on mathematics and EVS with lots of talking characters, clues to solve the activities and open-ended trivia are spoken and recited by a single touch of SmartPen.

Moppet – Nursery is aimed to enrich the teaching-learning process by supplementing young learners with the following benefits:

  • Strengthens listening & speaking capabilities before they learn to read & write
  • Through audio, comprehension remains easy and natural
  • Unfamiliar concepts of pre- school curriculum made simple and easy to learn.
  • Develops firm foundation skills in literacy and numeracy
  • Creates multi-sensorial experiences for children with paper and audio.
  • Teachers & children can add and personalise content through recording & PlayMe features

Why is Moppet future-ready compared to traditional non[1]interactive books?

Future is of thought-leaders, observers and those who have their feet on the street.

Moppet is not limited by a child’s ability to read because it talks to them. Just how we as parents and teachers talk to them. This helps us move them from simple to slightly higher level words, sentences and activities compared to normal text books. Hence, pushing the same child of 3 years of age to enjoy revising what he learnt at 2.5 and putting their feet into the world of a 3.5 year too.

The interaction design of Moppet is woven in a way that observation cannot be avoided. Thinking cannot be by passed and action cannot go undone. The kindergarteners have these skills very strong in them, till we almost quieten them for one or the other reason, knowingly or unknowingly. Moppet does not just bring the skills of thinking, observing and taking action into the child, it even ensures that they are not lost.

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