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Moppet Upper Kindergarten (UKG) – curriculum books for 5 + years

Suitable for ages: 5+ years

Kit contains:

  • Set of 3 course books (Term 1,2,3) – Alphabet, Math, EVS
  • 1 Hindi book
  • 3 Workbooks for Term 1,2,3
  • 5 set of Flash cards for stories
  • 1 Interactive pen
  • Data Cable
  • For demo, write to us at: connect@godiscover.in
  • Price on request, write to us at: connect@godiscover.in or WhatsApp / Call at +91 98112 56260

MOPPET – UKG is a curriculum-based set of books for UKG which has been developed to reinforce all basic skills & advanced topics meant for preschool students by means of practicing concepts which a young learner of LKG will find simple to start with but become gradually harder. This UKG Kit has 3 books which cover English, Maths and EVS in three different levels. Level 1 book is designed for beginners, Level 2 book is designed for intermediate and Level 3 book is for the advanced understanding of the concepts.

Each book of this set equips children with the complete knowledge of advanced concepts such as reiterating numbers from 1-100 with mathematical concepts such as addition, subtraction, patterns, currency, and grammar concepts such as prepositions, articles, compound words and EVS topics such as internal organs of the human body, underwater environment and much more! What makes it further interesting is that apart from having the information on paper, the whole set can be made interactive with the talking Smartpen which allows children to develop their imagination and enhances curiosity as well as creativity.

MOPPET – UKG set is designed to equip students to find new ways of thinking, problem solving and recognize the impact of their actions and teaches them to take responsibility for what they do. It will help build confidence in spoken skills and for group collaboration and cooperation which is next step preparation for them to be enrolled in grade 1 with a rich pool of previous learning.

Why do we need interactive books when there is a good teacher to interact with?

Indeed but:

  • The teacher is only available in school hours while every child may not be alert or interested in those specific timings.
  • Teachers are always challenged with time vs student ratio. It is not possible for them to give ‘equal’ attention to each student.
  • Even the most brilliant teachers have to sometime hear that the lessons taught by them are not clear or too rushed.

Imagine the interactive books in all the above scenarios and here is a vivid description of what it then looks like:

  • The interactive book kit goes home with the child whois able to do the entire information sharing all over again, as many times as he/she would like to engage with it.
  • The interactive books have no limitation of time- meaning that they are always available for the student!
  • Challenge of rushed up or unclear teaching is well handled by the fact that the child can pause and repeat the information to suit his/her speed of comprehension.

Moppet does not replace the teacher or the parent but becomes their right arm to be able learn through fun playful interactions, while keeping them happy and engaged in their own learning pace and style!


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