StickBuddy - Re-recordable Stickers with Talking Pen
godiscover StickBuddy - Re-recordable stickers with talking pen
godiscover StickBuddy - talking pen
StickBuddy - smartpen educational toys
StickBuddy - smart pen educational toys
stickbuddy - smartpen interactive learning toys
godiscover StickBuddy - Re-recordable stickers with talking pen

StickBuddy – Re-recordable stickers with talking pen


Suitable for ages: all

StickBuddy kit contains:

  • 228 re- recordable stickers (180 circular + 48 square)
  • 1 interactive pen
  • Data cable
  • Charger

goDiscover took the traditional paper-and-pen approach and took it a step further.

This unique approach lies in bringing to life the magic of books and attractive visuals.

Then they grew it further by allowing you to lend your voice to anything and everything in the world.
The StickBuddy (re-recordable stickers) with the Smart Pen, help you bring everything to life with just a touch. You can record your own voice onto the re-recordable stickers for your child to playback using the SmartPen. These stickers are reusable and you can record multiple times on one StickBuddy Talking Pen.

The StickBuddy, at the heart of all the goDiscover products, enables the users – parents, children, and educators to develop their own content using the books and the charts. But, beyond that, the StickBuddy and the talking pen help you bring to life everyday objects and encourage conversations in a fun, interactive way.

Use these (Talking Pen) discovery-friendly products to increase your child’s vocabulary, boost communication skills and the visual vocabulary of your child.

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