Child Development 2 Year Olds

A 2-year-old child is mostly seen up and running, hopping, playing and bustling around. They are learning many new things like talking, walking, climbing, and even jumping! A 2-year-old is enthusiastic and curious about everything around them. Whether it is people, food, toys or even their bath soap, they just what to hold things, feel and know all that they can. They are learning language, social skills, with their mind thinking a billion things as they move around inquisitively grabbing whatever comes to their attention.

Parenting a 2-year-old is a roller coaster ride. They are very witty and cheerful! A 2-year-old throws tantrums often. They dislike eating few things or even wear certain clothes. They love all the attention and crave for more when they feel insecure. They get clingy and cranky when they need the parent’s love.

A 2-year-old’s behavior is more on the learning edge. They understand the pronouns in the language like “I”, “You” and “me”. They start using words and try to communicate their wants. You will see a child this age say things like ‘water,’ if they need a drink and ‘no’ if they don’t want to do something. Engaging their curiosity with educational toys like audio sensory toys triggers their minds in a fun yet appropriate way.

Playing and learning are both an integral part of a 2-year-old’s development. They can even learn to take care of themselves, mimic their parents’ activities like folding the laundry, combing their hair, exercising, giving a hand in the kitchen, outdoor activities and more! All these activities significantly contribute towards a 2-year-old’s holistic development.

To engage a 2-year-old, intellectual stimulations like educational toys, or interactive books help motivate them to learn and explore. Their sensory thinking is activated with exposure to learning toys or interactive books. Ability to see, hear and feel enhances their learning outcomes. After all, growth is the only constant, wouldn’t you agree?

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