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Smart pen for Pho Pho Phonics


Suitable for product: goDiscover Interactive Series – PHO PHO PHONICS & All other age-based products

Kit contains:

  • 1 Interactive pen
  • Data Cable

Have you already got the Pho Pho Phonics kit for your kiddo and now you want to take phonics – learning experience to the next level for your tiny one? What if you can make the flash cards and the puzzles in the kit do the teaching on its own for your child? It is absolutely possible for your kiddo to catch hold of phonics in a way more fun, interactive and an independent way with very little or no help from you or teacher! The Pho Pho Phonics kit has magic interaction in it – to unlock it you will need the interactive smart pen! This SmartPen  will also work on rest of the age-based goDiscover products i.e. SmartBook, KinderSmart, Wonder & Smile, Bloom, SmartChart.

Simply put the smart pen on the flash cards and the puzzle cards of Pho Pho Phonics – the smart pen will give out the correct pronunciation! Not just that, there is a lot of other fun learning activities in it too!

Are they educational toys or learning toys? Yes, why not? These preschool educational toys do everything a toy does and much more! These are perfect educational gift for a tiny human you know.

The smart pen is rechargeable, and it comes with a data cable and has a warranty of 1 year.


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