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For ages 2-4 years

goDiscover SmartBook kit contains:

  • Set of 9 books
  • 48 re-recordable stickers
  • Interactive pen
  • Data cable

The interactive pen and the 9 books that are part of the goDiscover SmartBook kit, work in tandem such that wherever the pen is touched on the pages of these nine books, it either recites the written content or a pre-decided audio for the images. Now your kids’ books can have the same bright colourful images, but with a voice-over they know and love the most – your own!

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SmartBooks are a child’s introduction to the world. Because children rely on their senses to understand and interpret the world around them, goDiscover technology takes a child closer to using these very senses. Seeing something, then hearing about the same thing in a familiar voice, and eventually experiencing it through multiple senses, is a great way of introducing the world to your child.
SmartBooks kit features 9 interactive books in a handy bag, along with the StickBuddy talking pen, 48 re-recordable stickers, on which you can record anything and play to hear the recording at any point of time.
SmartBooks are for children between 2-5 years.
Each of the 9 books has original interactive content – the visual and the corresponding audio of the books’ content, recorded in neutral accents.
The simple looking sticker works like a recording device; just record your thoughts or instructions on the sticker and stick it on the page. Your child can simply play it later and listen to your ideas!


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