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Smart Book

Here’s a closer look into your child’s first book ever!

What’s in the box?

Topics covered:

1. Letter A to Z
2. Animals & Birds
3. Vegetables & Fruits
4. Colours
5. Rhymes

6. First 100 words
7. Numbers
8. Picture Book
9. Sidhi Saral Hindi

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Why your child’s first book should be SmartBook?

“- No pressure of reading and writing!”
Have you ever wondered why some people we know are avid readers and some just can’t finish a single book? Among many reasons, one of the important factors is the pressure that we all faced as a child to be able to write and read right from the start, hence never really developed a healthy relation with simply learning without any barriers.

Simply listen and speak to learn!

“- Magic of traditional paper books + Audio = Unlimited learning on each page page!”

Lets take this page here from ‘Letter A TO Z’
– What does letter ‘S’ look like
– The phonics or sound of letter ‘S’
– 3 words that start with letter ‘S’
– A fun sentence with lots of ‘S’in it
– A trivia involving the day to day life
– The most wonderful features at the top left corner: 

Now, to answer that trivia, the child will simply have to touch the pen to RECORD – speak in it – touch the pen on STOP – then touch on PLAY ME. This saves the child’s answer to the trivia for you to hear at your convenience and for the child to hear and smile!
PLAY will answer the trivia asked, wherever provided!


When you do something you love – learning comes super easy!

“- Perfect substitute to screens!”
Screens are a part of life now but why hand over screen to your toddler – to listen to that rhyme? Why not a learning tool that will engage the child meaningfully + enhance the cognitive skills and motor function as well? And will ofcourse play the rhyme too  When you are looking for a rhyme to listen to– hand over the rhyme books and the smart pen to your kiddo!
Your kid will enjoy all these rhymes – while you are peacefully at work, knowing your little smoosh is in a safe learning environment!
“- What if your kiddo wants to now listen to a rhyme or a story in your voice”
Oh no, now you have to physically be with him and that’s the best feeling ever but might be tough to execute all the time, right? We got you covered – the magical re-recordable stickers are at your service!
This picture book has various scenes that your child can listen to. But why stop there? Create your own stories and rhymes with the re-recordable sticker!
Take a sticker – stick it to a page – start recording – keep it there for your little fella to listen to! So, even if you are out at work – your tiny one is still listening to you!
Why stop at books – make everything interactive!
“- Ok by now we know that SmartBook is sure a safer and more fun alternative to screens but is the smart pen also safe for a child?”
“- Absolutely, Our smart pen is super safe for children – we specifically use materials that are unharmful and are tested to the best standards – have a look at our certificate here.”

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What about the warranty, afterall smart pen is a device?

Our smart pen is super sturdy and it has lasted for years for our customers. But like all devices you need to handle it with some care. Do not throw it in water or smash it very hard on the ground – rest is fine and it can handle! We also give a warranty of 1 year from the date of purchase for the smartpen – only if you share the receipt with us! So make sure to keep the proof of purchase with you and the easiest is to register your purchase on the website, rightaway! Go Paperless on bills!

In case your pen is out of warranty and something needs fixing, you can send it to us and we will let our smartpen doctor have a quick check and send you back the fixed smartpen for just a small repair fee!  

Thank you for reading this far. Your set of SmartBook is ready at the store!

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