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Why goDiscover

How about putting the child in a situation where s/he is involved in the learning process, directly experiencing it through multiple senses? Using multi-sensory teaching methods fastens the acquisition of many skills. It especially works wonders in reading programs and aids in understanding concepts by making different associations. goDiscover connects the paper books to learning, and it does that in a multi-sensorial way.


Each child is different and goDiscover gives room to the teacher to choose the order in which they would like to take a moody child through learning. You can use any of the books or charts in the kit in any order. It also gives you the flexibility of using your own kind of language to conduct this learning and helps the child learn in the language he or she is most comfortable in.


As parents, we are always guilty of not doing enough, not being there all the time. As educators too, frankly, nothing is enough. The simple read-record-play allows you to be at two places at the same, giving as much personalised supervision as one can, without physically being there. No need to worry about your child picking up the nanny’s accent and no need to burden the grandparents with the job of a nursery teacher. You can now simply record your questions in your own language, assign activities for your child while you are away, and ask her / him to record their answers. This allows you to track your child’s progress, customise and pace her or his learning, with the additional flexibility that one has in teaching in your own way.


goDiscover products combine child-friendly technology with interesting and age-appropriate content that the child interacts with. Each and every book works in its own way. Yet, each book builds on the other books to form a kit. The StickBuddy helps in creating a visual dictionary by reading it in an auditory fashion.