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For ages 5-8years

goDiscover SmartChart kit contains:

    • Set of 12 charts
    • 141 re-recordable stickers
    • Interactive pen
    • Data cable

Warranty not applicable outside India

Teachers and parents can use the recording feature to either record answers to the questions asked in the book to narrate to the child, or they can ask for the child’s response with respect to the topic in discussion, encouraging children to speak and learn by self-correction. goDiscover brings recording and playback on concept charts and this allows instructors to build on the same subject by adding more information in subsequent recordings. So, the same chart can grow in content, staying relevant for the child through the years. Parents can use their own mother tongue in the recordings to facilitate explanations and speed up learning.

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goDiscover SmartCharts expand the learning universe of children by going beyond simple introduction of objects or concepts that they see. This kit helps explain concepts to 5-8yr olds through interactive charts that become more complex with age. The goDiscover SmartCharts are for a higher-age advanced learning than the goDiscover SmartBooks. They help educators teach different phenomena in the world. SmartCharts bunch different objects into a category, yet differentiate between each individual object in the category itself. SmartCharts also help children understand categories of information. Only those children who have started reading and writing fluently are capable of this kind of abstract thinking.

The SmartChart kit features a set of 12 charts, 141 re-recordable stickers, the interactive pen, data cable, all in a trendy bag.