Melu Prime Engage: Smart Interactive Books for Lower Kindergarten



Suitable for ages:4 to 5 years

Kit contains:

  • Set of 3 books – Literacy, Numeracy and EVS
  • Workbooks – Literacy, Numeracy and EVS
  • 1 Interactive pen
  • Data Cable
  • Assessment sheets
  • Work Sheets
  • Report Card
  • Melu Student Certificate
  • Melu Teacher Certificate
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Melu Prime Engage is a curriculum-based set of books for LKG which has been designed to be a second step leader after Melu Prime Explore set for Nursery. It revises almost all the topics covered in Nursery as well as introduces new topics for LKG learners. This LKG Kit has 3 books which cover English, Maths and EVS in three different levels. Level 1 book is designed for beginners, Level 2 book is designed for intermediate and Level 3 book is for the advanced understanding of the concepts..

Each book of this set engages children into the fun of English alphabet, new words and revision of words already learned, numbers, and more detailed activities on numbers, mathematical concepts such as measurements, place value and EVS topics such as seasons, animals, pollution, healthy eating habits and much more! What makes it more interesting is not just the information on paper only but the whole set can be accessed with a Smartpen which allows children to develop imaginations, creativity and potentials.

Introducing Prime Engage is an excellent way to keep your class engaged with their lessons – but it also comes with a whole host of other benefits for young children. These books will also help to develop the necessary skills for the next year at school while providing a wonderful source of excitement and entertainment.

Prime Engage set is aimed to enrich the teaching-learning process by supplementing the young learners with the following benefits:

• Grasp new concepts by simultaneously revising the curriculum of Nursery

• Increase student-to-teacher collaboration by active participation

• Inculcate flexible thinking

• Prime focus on the acquisition of basic life skills

• Memory retention and mental development

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