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goDiscover’s invention is in bringing recording and playback to paper. When the interactive pen is touched on the sticker, you can record on it, or you can play back your recording on it. In itself, the StickBuddy helps people of all ages especially those who are not reading – like young children, or those influent with a particular language, or someone who might be visually challenged. In fact, the Blind Relief Association of India has used the StickBuddy, re-branding it as ‘sonic labeller’. By using the ‘record’ feature to record more information than a mere answer-of-question, the StickBuddy enables users to build their own visual vocabulary and deepen their knowledge about something.

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Appropriate for all ages

goDiscover StickBuddy contains:

  • 1 StickBuddy interactive pen
  • Data cable
  • Charger
  • 48 square and 180 circular re-recordable stickers

The StickBuddy is at the heart of goDiscover products. This is appropriate for all ages. For children in particular, one can use it to increase the sensory inputs to a child (that is, more than just reading or listening alone). In looking at everyday objects and labelling them with the recordable sticker, parents and educators can keep introducing new objects and ideas, thereby increasing the sensory and visual vocabulary of the pupil.


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